Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Working on Christmas

So, here I am...trying to get Christmas shopping done, on a limited budget. I have run into a couple of pitfalls of course, tis the season. Steve had Thanksgiving and the day after off from work and they don't have paid holidays, and he was sick one day, so his upcoming paycheck is going to be short three days...guess who will have to make up for that one????? Me of course. Then I had a terrible showing at the Christmas Bazaar last weekend. Only cleared about $12...which of course...in the spirit of counting my blessings...is $12 more than I had when I went there. And I was able to trade for a few gifts. I do love trading my handmade things for those of others. And then of course, no Christmas bonus at either workplace...we are just very very fortunate to have jobs this year.

Anyway, I am pretty much done with Steve, cuz I started early. And face it, he is so easy to shop for. If it is for hunting, or the truck, or the garage, he is happy. He wants to start getting into some wood working I believe, so that is for another time...can't start a new hobby when I am already done shopping for you, you silly man. I love him so much and it makes it very easy to shop for him because I want to give him everything I can.

Chandler is more challenging just because he wants all this electronic gaming stuff, and frankly I am not willing to spend money on it. I tell him that he can spend HIS money on that stuff. I love to buy him books, and music related gifts, he loves knives and dragons and swords and all that, so that is easy. I am almost done with him, but still need those few special gifts. Of course, he is having surgery a week before Christmas too, so he needs things to do while he is incapacitated.

Lance and Nate have asked for gift cards, although, Lance changed his story when his girlfriend asked for actual gifts, but he is getting a gift card. Frankly, I don't like giving gift cards because they just aren't personal enough...doesn't take any thought at all to go down and buy a couple of gift cards. I love making and buying gifts for people. Problem is, there is nothing I make now that they are the least bit interested in, except maybe my jams. It is hard with them because they rarely come see us anymore...don't really call unless they want something. I feel like they have forgotten all about us, that we are their parents too, and it makes it difficult to feel like giving them anything except a swift kick in the butts. But that's another story for another day.

Anyway, then I have the extended family, parents, siblings, neices and nephews...Again, don't really have the money to do much shopping. I can think of a million things that I could make for them, but again people rarely want or appreciate homemade, especially little kids.

So, there I am, with my lists, and my ideas, and I will get it all figured out, I will. And of course after a 15 minute frenzy on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, it will all be over until next year...and I'll wonder once again, why I was so worried about it in the first place.

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