Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random and Sweet

A very random, but sweet thing happened tonight. My stepson Lance has a girlfriend. His girlfriend's mom lives here in Newport. We know her, but not well. Tonight, my phone rings and it is the mom, telling me that she has made Chandler (my 15 year old) a lemon pie, and can she stop by and drop it off? Well, of course and how sweet is that?

Evidently the last time the kids were down, we all went to dinner and Chandler had lemon chicken....he took a bite of a slice of lemon, and she commented that she should make him a lemon pie.

So she did!!!

That right there folks, is what they mean by committing random acts of kindness. That made Chandler's night that someone would do that for him who barely knows him. May God bless that sweet lady.

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